Jien Mount Villas is a heavenly vision of sleek modern Japanese infused architecture blessed with an exclusive mountain-front location in the center of Gold Ecological Park, in Jiufen Jinguashi, New Taipei City (Ruifang).

All rooms in Jien Mount Villas are blessed with breathtaking view of Keelung Mountain (aka. Dadu Beauty Mountain).You can see the morning sun in the northeast corner and the sunset glow in the valley. In the twilight, the ever-changing clouds and mists in the mountains are gentle and graceful. At night, you can look up in the sky and the stars beckoning you.

It is conveniently located only five minutes away from Jinguashi Bus Station and three minutes’ walk to the Gold Museum.
Jinguashi Old Street is only a five-minute walk, and the entrance to the Teapot Mountain Trail is only a 15-minute walk.
There are outdoor parking spaces located right next to our premises.
All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, internet access at any time, Mini-bar with Nespresso Coffee Machine, Satellite TV.

The cozy outdoor garden design enabls you to fully relax your minds whether you would like to take a walk in the garden, or soak in the Outdoor Hot Springs overlooking the lush shades of greens of the mountain. This slice of heaven has been carefully designed to pamper guests in ultimate luxury.
All the arrangements are tailor to make your next vacation a very pleasant and joyful one.



Taking Eastern Main Line in Taipei towards Yilan, Hualian direction and transiting at Ruifang for the bus route 1062 and 788 to Jinguashi from 'Keelung Bus Co.Ltd' or the bus route 965 to Jinguashi from 'Taipei Bus Co.,Ltd' .

❶ From Taipei to Jinguashi: Taking bus route 1062 at the Exit 2 of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station via Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.
❷ From Keelung to Jinguashi: Taking bus route 788 at Keelung Railway Station via Ruifang, Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.
❸ From Banciao to Jinguashi: Taking bus route 965 at NTPC Banciao Sta.(MRT Banciao Sta.)via Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.

DRIVING HERE: (ʜɪɢʜᴡᴀʏs ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ)
❶ Take the Zhongshan Highway in the direction of Keelung, exit at Dahua System Interchange→ Wanrui Expressway exit at Ruifang→
Provincial Highway 2 → turn right Mingdeng Rd. 102→direction of Jiufen→ pass though Jiufen and head in the Jinguashi direction→arrive at the Gold Museum, New Taipei City
❷ Zhongshan Highway towards the direction of Keelung, and exit at Dahua System Interchange Wanrui Expressway go in the direction of Ruibin→
Provincial Highway 2 → 78.5 k point of Provincial Highway 2 (Shuinandong) → turn right onto North County Road 34→ Gold Museum, New Taipei City
❸ Hualian-Yilan area→ Provincial Highway 2 to Shuinandong car park →turn left onto North County Road 34 → Gold Museum, New Taipei City


The least stressful way to get from Taipei to Jinguashi is by Taxi.

The yellow cab can cost you around NT$1,200 (from Taipei) depend on where you are travelling from. It is always a good idea to check on UBER App first to see roughly the cost from where you are located.

If you have decided to travel here via Taxi or an Uber, please make sure to have the driver using Google Map to navigate,

simply entered 『Jien Mount Villas』, the destination will take you directly to the car park, located right next to Jien Mount Villas.