Dear Guest,

We would like to thank you for your continuous support during these difficult times.

In accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention measures and in order to provide a safe accommodation environment for our guests,

we kindly ask all our guest to comply with the following:


1. Name registration (per person) and fill in the "Health Declaration Form".

2. It is necessary to wear mask when leaving your room and cooperate with the measurement of forehead temperature.

3. If you are under "Home Quarantine Notice" or "Home Isolation Notice", the hotel will not be able to provide accommodation service for you.


In order to ensure the well-being of our guests and provide a comfortable accommodation environment, hotel implements the following epidemic prevention measures:

1. Please cooperate with the housekeeper when measuring the forehead temperature when entering the premises.

    If there are symptoms such as fever (≧37.5°C), cough, etc., the hotel has the right to refuse entry to the premises.

    The hotel is obligated to report to relevant authorities and reserves the right to refuse any person who fails to comply with instructions.

2. The guest rooms, public areas, public facilities, dining area are disinfected with alcohol regularly on a daily basis.

3. Alcohol sanitizers are provided in the dining area, and hand wash sanitizers are provided in the toilets.

4. Our Housekeeper and staff including suppliers when visiting the hotel premises are required to wear masks and have their body temperatures measured and recorded to reinsure hotel guests during their stay.


If you have any physical discomfort or abnormal conditions, please contact our staff immediately, and the housekeeper will provide further related assistance. If you have any questions, please contact: (02) 2496-2999


For more COVID-19 news and announcement, please visit the following websites:

■ Official CDC website:

■ CDC Official LINE account:

■ CDC Toll-free hotline:1922

■ Ministry of Health and Welfare:

■ Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Official LINE account: